After an eclectic school-going, catholic girl-school, Steiner, and schooling herself at home, she studies art and theatre at the university.

But her university skills still not allowing her to fix a leaking tap or to succeed in beating egg whites she joins Le theatre du jour and madam Magenia’s school.

She practices several styles of dancing, classical, contemporary, Bharatanatyam and at 25 years old (to her neighbour’s dismay) decides to study the cello.

She starts and directs two theatrical companies in which she excels

as a one-women-band endorsing in turn the positions of coffee-machine, costumes tailor, comforter of the comedian’s manic depressions, props and set handler and accountant.

She then specializes in burnt pots and pans and Balinese theatre.

Absolutely, she did play the role of the pickpocket leprechaun, Mister Salt and Madam Sugar.

Absolutely, she did kidnap people in the streets, forcing them to listen to love poems in a van, Poetic expeditionary force.

Absolutely, she did walk through {panting all the way} the Aquitaine region from village to village to force people to turn of their telly, A walking theatre, from Phillipe Fenwick, Actes Sud.

Absolutely, she did travel throughout Russia from theatre to theatre

with the props and set as luggage in order to oppose the Russian mafia, (Atavism) Actually it’s not that true….

Fearless traveller, she rides her bicycle trough Paris babbling obscure languages such as ” I’mlatemoveover ” or “blimeyIreallydon’thavetimeforthisconundrum”.

At 40 plus, after a wedding, a divorce, a child and still no cat, she chose to shrink by writing novels for under fifteen-year-olds, forbidden to all above.